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Hi, welcome to Solie!

Solie founder, Che-Na Stephenson has been on the hunt for a healthful cocktail since, well, forever (as long as she could legally drink but no need for exact numbers). And after years of typing “healthiest cocktails” into search bars resulting in, “try replacing sugary soft drinks with juice,” she decided to do something about it. And that something turned into Solie, the fantastic tasting electrolyte and vitamin cocktail mix. It's crafted with a balanced and session-able combination of vitamins, electrolytes, and energizing wellness blend.

We’re building the future cocktail company where everything we make starts with self-improvement, a cocktail culture that not only tastes good but makes you feel good. We believe that imbibing is about having fun, but without sacrificing all the hard work you’ve put in to be your best self. Stay tuned for more innovations, new flavors and more ways to drink smart.